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The Film

The Film, Fury in my Soul,  is to be an exploration and celebration of the musical genius of Laura Nyro. 

First and foremost, this project is blessed to have Maria Florio as its producer, and I am thrilled to be involved.  Maria is an extraordinary filmmaker, someone who has directed and produced numerous films that are at once stunning visually and musically, and that strive to capture the essence of her subjects.  Maria also, and this is the greatest blessing of all, is a woman of the highest integrity.  She approaches her work with an enormous heart, with compassion and care.  Our vision for this film is that it be a work of art, one that will take the many who didn’t actually know Laura herself, into her musical world. 

You may find out more about Maria and her work at this site www.earthworksfilms.com   And to get a better idea of the kind of work she creates, I’d like to suggest two films:  “Broken Rainbow”, which is about to be re-released, and for whom Laura wrote and performed the title song; and “Tibet, Cry of the Snow Lion”.  Both are gifts to the viewer. 

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We are at the stage of collecting all available footage of Laura---there isn’t much, as you may know.  Over these years, there were a couple of fans who wrote that they have some footage available. Even if it is "bootlegged", that won't be an issue.  This is the time, if you would be so kind, to share it.  Finally, there is a project underway where your footage could be put to very good use. We would be most grateful to have whatever is out there.  Please contact this site if you have a gem somewhere. 

The comments that you have made throughout the years, will be an extraordinary way to define just who Laura was, what her music has meant to the world.  I honestly cannot think of a better way to go after the essence that was hers other than through your many voices. 

Patty DiLauria




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